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Thanks to support from a number of organisations, the MERH 2018 congress has achieved its target of raising £40,000 in bursaries for delegates from low-lower-middle income countries to attend.


Further Bursaries available funded by EUPHA

Thanks to a special financial contribution by EUPHA there will be a small amount of funding available to help people from Europe who would otherwise be unable to raise funding to come to the Congress. This funding will particularly favour people working in NGOs, Eastern European countries and with minorities including the Roma populations.
If you want to apply, you will need to download the application form, complete in full and return to MERH@in-conference.org.uk

The deadline for applications is 19 March.

To download the form please click here.

Our aim is to attract to the congress at least one person from every country in the world. To enable people from low income countries to attend we hope to offer multiple bursaries covering the delegates travel, accommodation and attendance at the congress.

Current Target= £40,000

Current Amount Donated= £41,000

Budget Accommodation in Edinburgh

There are a number of lower budget accommodation options available in Edinburgh including affordable hotels and self catering apartments and for a full list of these please click here.